Of Bleeding War

by En Vietnam

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Debut album from central Florida-based En Vietnam. Sludgy bass riffs meet sonic guitars and ad hoc percussion, forming the perfect trifecta of heavy melodic groove. Starts like a warzone, ends like a funeral


released March 19, 2013

Robert Black - bass, vocals
Seth Pause - drums, keys
Cory Plouf - guitars, samples

Recorded and Produced by En Vietnam
Mixed and Mastered by Cory Plouf
Concept, Art Direction and Lyrics by Robert Black



all rights reserved


En Vietnam Orlando, Florida

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Track Name: In the Shit
dive writhe knee deep in the shit we all fall down ambush nightmare massacre warsong vietnam so long what went wrong why would they bring us here with no chance to survive why would they leave us here fending for our lives this is a story of life sung through the songs of the dead this a struggle of strife against the living dead what have you done what have you done to me left me alone to suffer the enemy
Track Name: Legacy of Shame
crawl out from the underground saw my brothers beaten down called to arms with my hands bound thrall weak minds are made unsound belied people die bodies lie side by side denied children cry daylight dies corpses rise crawl back to the underground fall its such a long way down called for help but gagged and bound thrall no one make a sound the end is extremely fucking nigh I have never had a reason to cry I have never needed a reason to hide
Track Name: Gunmetal Blues
you put the gun into your mouth inside i've died they lied why you shut your eyes and shed a tear then you pulled the trigger you didn't feel a thing when you pulled the trigger
Track Name: Scofflaw
bloody knuckles bleeding heart face down on the ground never forgotten never forgiven bloody knuckles bleeding wounds face down on the cold ground never forgiven never forgotten now bow down face down in the ground now resound renowned on holy ground
Track Name: Writhe & Recoil
oh well hail hydra bitch and let me tell you something else coin flip is sacred your job is waiting for you in that basement as per the coin we flipped a coin okay you and me better call Saul no i am the one who knocks
Track Name: Sirocco
unending blind futility there is no light unrelenting lies hostility unending night now is the time to fight and find yourself make everything alright inside yourself driven into the night all by yourself now is the time to fight dreamin' screamin' demon schemin' mayday mayday we’re going in mayday mayday we’re going down
Track Name: Thousand Yard Stare
we can't exist we won't perist in this new world of our enemy nowhere to run this isn't fun not like we thought it would be among the dead it's turning red as it continues to bleed the war machine is so pristine the way it runs like a dream nightmare all this terror is finally getting to me feels like eyes are on all sides and they are staring at me theres so much blood spilled in the mud its rising up to our knees theres nothing left take your last breath its all over now how could this be down and out the cowards route until i figure this out how to survive but deep inside i think that I'd rather die
Track Name: Spider Bite
beneath the spire there lies the blight the venom follows the spiders bite as the poison sinks into the wound the toxin flows within as the poison begins to consume arachnid eats the skin her silent weapon has sealed my fate undead assassin lying in wait my chest is sunken its hard to breathe i feel so drunken fall to my knees the spire crumbles empire down it all comes crashing down to the ground as i lay screaming without a sound
Track Name: From the Grave
up above ravens cawing down below dead fingers clawing from the grave they go crawling through the night beneath the moonlight the sea is upon us vision is bleak they see upon us vision is weak the waves come crashing water is red their teeth are gnashing unholy undead from the grave wake from slumber now arise to join their numbers flesh is gone bones archaic their ascent so elegiac the grave is lonely but living is worse I learned their secrets deep down in the earth someone please put me back into the dirt here on the surface theres just too much hurt eyes cries demise blood dries denied i tried despised why cant i die what can I say I should've stayed down in the mud covered in blood been here before covered in gore I should've stayed down in the grave look and see what you have done to me theres nothing left for me besides the enemy making it plain to see what you have done to me theres nothing left of me besides the enemy how can i make you see what you have done to me theres nothing left you see this is the end of me its inside inside of me the enemy it was me I'm deceased I'm diseased I can't see the enemy inside of me the end of me